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Our promise to you

At Slice Factory, we promise to respect your time and treat you like family. Because we believe that good food shouldn’t be an inconvenience. At home, at work, or on the go, we are jumbo slice for your busy life.

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Slice Factory makes big business out of pizza by slice

Can a pizzeria make a business out of slices? Yes, and they’re even in the name for Chicago-based Slice Factory....

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Pizza Slices

Slice Factory is Going Back to Give Back

Chicago-based Pizza Franchise Brings Back their Jumbo Slice & Free Pop Deal During these Economic Challenging Times Chicago, IL  (  Slice...

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Pizzeria With Purpose🍕💛

This is a time period like no other – and while many of us are at home in an effort...

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What is pizza with a purpose?

Slice Factory® is more than an Italian Pizza restaurant; it’s also in the contribution business.

Each of our locations serve mouth-watering meals, including our jumbo pizza slice, that taste great and give you something to feel good about.

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