The Walking Dead - Half This Jumbo Pizza Belongs To Negan!


Half this pizza belongs to Negan! Ha, it's no secret that we LOVE The Walking Dead! There are two things that are guaranteed every Sunday night - 1.) The Walking Dead show will be on. 2.) Our Super Speedy Delivery Team will deliver your pizza to you, that way you don't have to miss any part of the show. ;-)

We made this "Half This Jumbo Pizza Belongs To Negan" for all the fans who want to enjoy a jumbo pizza while watching the latest Rick VS Negan showdown. We made it easy to know which part is Negan's, the pizza comes already divided in 1/2 and Negan's half is labeled.

There's also a great hashtag #HowDoYouTWD that The official Walking Dead Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages use. Fans use the hashtag when they submit pictures of how they made food/cosplayed/DIY'd a Walking Dead idea. Ocassionally, The Walking Dead official sites will repost fans pictures to their pages. So, not only will you make all your TWD fan friends jealous as you post pictures of and enjoy this delicious jumbo slice "Negan" pizza but you also can use the hashtag and get a chance to make it on the official The Walking Dead pages! It's a win, win, win.

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