Slice-A-Palooza International Jumbo Slice Competition


Slice-A-Palooza International Jumbo Slice Eating Contest Hosted By: Slice Factory is happening at the Taste of Melrose Park this September 2nd @ 2PM!

You don't have to compete in the contest to attend! Join us to watch the competitive eaters will eat as many jumbo slices as they can to see who will eat the most and be dubbed the International Jumbo Slice Champion! We will have raffles, giveaways, music, live entertainment and the first 100 kids who come to watch the Jumbo Slice contest will get free carnival ride tickets!

Do you want to do more than just attend Slice-A-Palooza? Do you think you have what it takes to win the International Jumbo Slice eating contest and win $3,500 plus the Jumbo Slice Championship belt?!

First, you must qualify by taking our 2 in10 Slice Showdown challenge at any of our locations! CLICK HERE to register for the "2 In 10 Slice Showdown." *Qualifying rounds July 1, 2017 - August 29, 2017.