Slice Factory Partners with Youth Crossroads in Berwyn

The Slice Factory Partners With Youth Crossroads in Berwyn
January 2016

At The Slice Factory it’s always an honor to begin a new year helping a local non-profit organization that is making such a great impact in the lives of young people from the Berwyn area.

This past week, our Berwyn Slice Factory donated 3 jumbo pizzas, a tray of pasta and a tray of salad, to Youth Crossroads. The students and parents who attended their “Family Night” were able to enjoy some good food while they got acquainted with the Youth Crossroads staff and learned how the program can benefit their child academically as well as socially.

One event was held at Freedom Middle School and the other was held at Heritage Middle School. Joel, the Program Director, said both events went really well and students and parents alike enjoyed themselves, and especially enjoyed the food!

At The Slice Factory, we consistently strive to live up to our motto, “Pizza with Purpose,” and we were honored to partner with Youth Crossroads as they reach out to help the youth of Berwyn.