Our 30 Inch Jumbo Pizza Is The Size Of Your Trunk!


Here at Slice Factory, every Tuesday is Jumbo Tuesday! For our Jumbo Tuesday Special, you get a 30" pizza and 2 liter of pop for only $27.95! That is almost three feet of pizza! Since our Jumbo Pizza is basically the size of a small table, it barely fits in the trunk of an average car. Check out this picture where one of our customers had to clear out his entire trunk to make room for his pizza order. Our pizza Chef also carefully placed the pizza in the trunk and then helped secure it so it wouldn't slide around too much or flip over during the hour drive home. Yes, hour! This customer drove an hour to get our Jumbo Tuesday Special! We love how much our customers love pizza and their loyalty to Slice Factory. You guys are the best!🍕🍕🍕

Do you want to order your own Jumbo Pizza? Come visit us or let us deliver to you and order your Jumbo Pizza today!

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If you post a picture holding your jumbo slice and hashtag #JumboSelfie and #SliceFactory you get a FREE DRINK with your order! It's our way of giving back and saying THANK YOU for sharing your jumbo slice with the world!