New Menu Item: Southern Comfort Fries!


For all the Ludacris & fry fans, we recently debuted a new menu item, "Southern Comfort" fries! We put our food rap skills to the test and wrote this little rap the tune of Luda's hit "Southern Hospitality."

[Verse 1]
🎤 Cadillac grills, Cadillac mills
Check out our Southern Comfort fries, careful don't spill
Marinated pulled pork, today let your diet get killed
As you eat three orders of these fries while you Netflix & Chill
BBQ pork on top of waffle fries
Plus an order of Italian-American 30 inch pizza pies
Pork 4 oz. wide, BBQ sauce on high
My don't you like Slice Factory's new Southern Comfort Fries? Luuuudaaa!!!! 🎤

We know you rapped this in your head to match the "Southern Hospitality" tune. lol. And if you are a young Millennial who doesn't know this classic 00's Luda song, it's definitely worth a quick Google/Youtube search.

· If you want to try our Southern Comfort Fries, stop by any of our Chicagoland locations or order online directly from our website:

· Don't forget to use your Slice Life Rewards points when you order!

· For the entire month of May, June & July, if you rap this song and post the video on your Social Media pages, we will reward your bravery and Jumbo Rapping skills (see what we did there?) by giving you a FREE order of Nutella bites with your next order! Go on, make Luda proud and show the world your rap skills. ;-)