How to eat Vegan at Slice Factory (No Meat, No Problem)

Although we are famous for our jumbo slice pizza, we like to keep everyone in mind with our menu. That is why we have gluten-free, vegetarian and even vegan options on our menu! Here are just a few of our Vegan favorites.

1. Very Berry Salad


As you can see, our Very Berry Salad comes with bleu cheese. No worries! When you place your order, just ask for no cheese and you have a scrumptious, Vegan salad loaded with dried cranberries, slices of almond, fresh chopped lettuce, fresh spinach and raspberry vinaigrette dressing. On Thursdays all of our salad are only $6!

2. Mediterranean Salad

You may have read about our Mediterranean Salad in our "5 Vegetarian Options You Need To Try From Slice Factory" blog. This salad has so much flavor and is one of our top sellers. It's filling, fresh and full of delicious Mediterranean flavor! This salad is not just a few pieces of lettuce and some dressing. This salad is fully of fresh cucumbers, hearty tomatoes, onion and black olive. You will especially love the rich flavor in the dolmades (stuffed grape leaves). Yum!

4. Factory Fries


We've got some of the best waffle fries in Chicago! Our Factory fries are topped with our special mix of spices and seasonings. To be honest, we think Factory Fries are the perfect side to go with a healthy salad. ;-)

We hope you get a chance to try and enjoy some of our Vegan options in this blog. Stop in and see us or order online today to try some of our tasty Vegan options.