Get A Free Drink With Your Order!


We get it, the internet LOVES pizza! Have you seen all the hilarious pizza memes lately? We love jumbo pizza just as much as the internet does and we know you do too!

We noticed our customers love taking pictures with their jumbo slices.They’re fun to post and it makes your friends jealous that they’re not partaking in eating a fresh made, jumbo pizza slice with high quality ingredients! Who wouldn’t be jealous?!

Since our awesome customers are already posting pictures of their Jumbo Slices & sharing the pizza love, we realized the pictures also help spread the word about our various Slice Factory locations and hey, we really appreciate that! We believe in good karma and the golden rule, treating others the way we would want to be treated. That’s why, we want to reward you and give you a free drink with your order every time you post a #JumboSelfie on Social Media and use the hashtages #JumboSelfie and #SliceFactory in your caption. (Remember to make sure your post is not "Private" but instead make it "Public" so we can see it) :-)

We think your’e awesome, we appreciate you spreading the word about us, we love that you love your jumbo
slice to much that you want to post it! And in the spirit of good karma and the golden rule, we want to give you something free, as a way to say you rock and thank you!