Four Items You Should Cater For Your Next Party

Since 1998 Big Mamas Home Kitchen (A Catering Division Of Slice Factory) Has Delivered To Offices And Companies Throughout Chicagoland For Meetings, Corporate Events, And Sales Presentations. Big Mamas Home Kitchen Is The Perfect Catering Partner For Your Business. We Provide Convenient 100% Hassle Free Delivery And Set Up Available. 7 Days A Week. To view our complete menu visit or Call Us At 708-343-2600. We've put together a blend of healthy and not so healthy ;-) (Life is all about balance, right?) ideas for your next event.

1.) Jumbo pizza


Everybody loves jumbo pizza! Excitement fills the room when this large pizza box in brought in. We can slice our jumbo pizzas in jumbo slices or in small squares.

2.) Chicken Wings


Our jumbo chicken wings are easy to eat, filling and let's be real, who doesn't love chicken wings at a party? People love our jumbo wings because they are just that, JUMBO! You get plenty of chunky meat with every bite.

3.) Fruit Salad


For the healthy eaters, let us bring a healthy, fresh made fruit salad to your meeting or event. Our fruit salad is a popular catering item, especially during Spring and Summer time.

4.) Nutella Pizza


Ditch the usual, brownies, cake or cookies for your event's dessert options and WOW your guest with our Nutella pizza! Fresh made pizza dough, topped with Nutella, fresh bananas, dried cranberries, sliced almonds, powdered sugar and chocolate syrup. It's every Nutella lovers dream!

Click here to see our full catering menu. Not sure what to order for your event, meeting or party? We'd love to help you! Give us a call and tell our Catering Team about your special occasion and they will help you figure out how much food to order. They will also help give you food recommendations and suggestions for what appetizers, entrees and desserts are best sellers and might work best! Call us today to set up your order: 708-343-2600.