5 Instagram Worthy DIY Pizza Recipes You Have To Try

1. Beet Crust Pizza


Who says all tailgate parties have to be only hot dogs, chili cook-offs and cheeseburgers? If you're looking for a healthy yet tasty option that will WOW your friends and family, this beet crust pizza is it! CLICK HERE TO GET THE RECIPE

2. Macaroni & Cheese Pizza


Ready to spice up your kids after school snack? This Mac n' Cheese pizza is the way to go! Carbs on top of carbs is just how we like our pizza! CLICK HERE TO GET THE RECIPE

3. Taco Quesadilla Pizza


It's Taco toppings on a pizza - need we say more?! This is taking Taco Tuesday to a whole 'nother level. CLICK HERE TO GET THE RECIPE

4. Smoked Salmon Avocado Pizza


With all the holidays coming up, this is a great DIY pizza that you can slice up and serve as an appetizer or hors d'oeuvre at your next party. CLICK HERE TO GET THE RECIPE

5. Very Veggie Vegan Pizza


Because, Vegans love pizza too! This pizza is healthy, full of nutrients, full of flavor and perfect for Vegans or Vegetarians or meat lovers who want to try something new. CLICK HERE TO GET THE RECIPE

We hope you enjoy these recipes! If you make any of these, we'd love to get your feedback and know what you think about the flavors and recipes. And when you're done with the DIYs and in the mood for some good 'ol Chicago style pizza, made with fresh ingredients, you know where to find us! ;-)