4 Vegetarian Options To Try at Slice Factory (Part 2)

1. Margherita Pizza


Our Meatless Margherita pizza is topped with fresh cheese, basil and tomato slices that will have you in pizza paradise. Just look at how happy this Galbani Cheese specialist is to be trying our Margherita jumbo slice!

2. Any Slice Factory Salad


We have nine hearty salads on our “Healthy Options” menu and all salads can be requested without meat.

1.Garden Salad

2. Ceasar Salad

3. Very Berry Almond Salad

4. Mediterranean Greek Salad

These first four options are all are meatless and loaded with fresh delicious-ness!

When you order any of our other salads, just tell them no meat/chicken and you are in for a meatless, hearty, fresh meal.

5. Factory Salad (Ask for no chicken and no bacon bits)

6. Chicago Chopped Salad (Ask for no bacon bits)

7. Julienne Salad (Ask for no Krakus ham)

8. Perfect Spinach Salad (Ask for no bacon bits)

9. California Cobb Salad (Ask for no chicken breasts and no bacon bits)

Our salads are healthy and budget friendly! Our salads range from $6-$8 and our Thursday Special is all salads are only $6 all day!

3.) Factory Cheese Fries


Our Factory Cheese Fries are loaded with flavor! They’re waffle fries topped with our special mix of spices and seasonings and smothered in cheddar cheese. You can also order "Factory Fries" which are waffle fries with our special mix of seasonings and no cheese.

4.) Homestyle Jumbo Onion Rings


Our Homestyle Jumbo Onion Rings Coated in homemade batter and fried, these mouthwatering onion rings will leave you wanting more.

Have you tried any of these Vegetarian options from us? Comment below or on Social Media to let us know which ones are your favorite. If you haven't tried any, we invite you to stop by and see us this week to try some! Hope to see you soon.