4 Places In Chicago You Need To Visit Before The Cold Weather Comes

1.) Mario’s Italian Lemonade


Mario's Italian Lemonade is a staple for Chicagoans in the summertime. Mario’s is only open during the summer so it’s a sweet treat during the hot Chicago summer heat. When it’s night time and the weather is around 70 degrees, a stroll with family/friends down Taylor street for some Italian lemonade is something we highly recommend you do before summer ends.

2.) Elote/Fruit carts in Pilsen


You can get some of the best fruit and elotes from the street vendors in Pilsen. It's one of our staff’s favorite snacks in the summer. All of the food is delicious but hands down our favorites that we suggestion trying are “Elotes” and “Mango Con Limon & Chile.”

3.) Manny’s Deli

temp-post-imageIf you’re looking for the best corned beef and the possibility of running into a celebrity, Manny’s Deli is the place to go! Manny’s deli and their recipes have been a staple in Chicago for over 74 years. They opened on Roosevelt Road in Chicago shortly after World War II. Although the location has changed a few times, the main location that is now on Jefferson street is the most well known location. When you walk in, you immediately feel like family as you look through the rich Jewish heritage on the pictures on their walls. They are proud of their roots, proud of their food and it shows. We can’t say enough great things about Manny’s Deli. If you haven’t tried it, do your taste buds a favor and head over this week. ☺

4.) Karen’s Kitchen


Probably one of the most famous Vegan restaurants in Chicago, Karen’s Kitchen is a day spa, has detox/cleanses and even delivers food straight to your home. Their restaurant is aware winning and offers some of the most delicious plant based, organic and often locally sourced (depending on the season and item) food dishes around.

Have you been to any of these places? Do you like their food or do you have other suggestions of other places that have great food? We want to hear from you, let us know in the comments below.